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December 25, 2005



Well, ya gotta make it with the sour cream before you completely write it off! Sounds yummy, I love almond, too. If I ever have almond paste in the house I end up eating it right out of the package, sometimes with some good dark choclate. Decadent.


I think yogurt and sour cream perform similarly enough in baking that it wouldn't make a huge difference. We've got a recipe from Chez Panisse that is "on deck" next -- it calls for 3/4 cup almond paste! Can you imagine.


I'm with Nina; although yogurt isn't a bad substitute for sour cream, it's not the same. In my experience, sour cream does something to the texture that can't be replicated with a different ingredient. But that's just my opinion. :)


I'm not saying there would be no difference, I just can't imagine that it would be enough of a difference.


I don't get it - was it thumbs up or down? I've been dying for a good almond cake recipe.


It was good enough to eat but not good enough to keep the recipe. We'll move on to the next contender!


Look in Amanda Hesser's Cooking for Mr. Latte for the best Almond Cake recipe. Nothing else compares to this one.


Vanilla yogurt is not even close to sour cream, you can't write off a recipe if you don't follow it


I disagree; I think they are very similar, and many recipes call for one or the other. But in any event, the disappointment wasn't about the texture; we were hoping for a more intense almond flavor.


There is an orange almond cake recipe in a cookbook by roden (she has a sephardic cookbook), also nigella lawson does a lemon interpretation.

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This is a fantastic recipe! I highly recommend making it. I am a moderately experienced baker though I am the first to admit I don't *love* to bake. I followed this recipe to a T (I used my KitchenAid mixer as specified, I hunted down almond paste and I bought cake flour from a specialty store and found that it came out very well. I've already made this recipe twice and always get rave reviews. Highly recommend.

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