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December 30, 2005



Dang, I only know 1, 8 and 10. I suck. LOL.


I only know 7 (classic) and 8 (kinda fun, I guess). I do recognize 9 but I just can't place it. I really like 2, but I have no idea what it is.


I know 8 and 9(of course) and recognize 1. I may have to google just so I can sleep tonight.


I only know 1, 2 and 4. I used to be good at this game but clearly I've lost it.

Happy New Year to you and yours.


I see that everyone is just saying which ones they know, but not revealing the answers. Well, I'm gonna name names. Hmmm. Well, seven is my least favorite Elvis Costello song. Eight is Two Princes by The Spin Doctors nine is Dave Matthews, So Much to Say. One is You've Got a Friend. I'm guessing that number six is Paul Simon, because it's such a beautiful lyric and it seems like him, but I don't know the song.


OK, Nina has at last joined in, so I can reveal the answers:
1. You've Got a Friend (live) - James Taylor (Written by Carole King.)
2. I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Elvis Costello (A Burt Bacharach song that was originally a Dionne Warwick hit in the '70s -- am I the only old geezer who remembers this one??)
3. I've Been to Memphis (live) - Lyle Lovett
4. Passionate Kisses - Lucinda Williams (Shame on you, Nina!)
5. What Do You Want the Girl to Do (live) - Lowell George (Written by Allen Toussaint, some might remember this as a Boz Scaggs hit from way back when.)
6. Across the Universe - Rufus Wainwright (From the Beatles, of course.)
7. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding - Elvis Costello (Written by Nick Lowe.)
8. Two Princes - Spin Doctors
9. So Much to Say - Dave Matthews
10. V.F.D. [Volunteer Fire Dept.] - Michelle Shocked


I don't know EVERY Lucinda song, obviously. Which album is that on? That's funny that I thought a Beatles' tune was Paul Simon. I did know that Nick Lowe wrote that horrible song, do I get any credit for that? Anyway, it's always fun to play.


As the resident Old Geezer, I definitely remembered the Dionne Warwick version. I used to sing it into the hairbrush microphone. And I knew "Passionate Kisses" via Mary-Chapin Carpenter rather than Lucinda, and it's still the version I prefer (don't hate me).

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