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December 22, 2005




Anne Glamore

Well said.


yes, amen to that.


Amen v' amen.

The only exception I'll take is to the business of the "Holiday Tree." It doesn't make any sense whatsoever to refer to a Christmas tree as a "Holiday Tree" for reasons of political correctness, inclusiveness, whatever.

Last I checked, there is only one holiday that involves decorating a tree, and that's Christmas. Not New Year's Day, not Kwanzaa, not Eid al-Fitr, and most assuredly not Chanukah (Gawd forbid!).

It may have started out as a pagan custom, sure, but it's definitely a Christian thing now. They're welcome to it.

Happy Chanukah, Karen - to you and all y'all!


Um, Elisson, pagans aren't gone, thank you very much, so do you mind if WE keep our tree tradition without having to call it by your religion's name or is that asking too much?

That is a great article, inlcuding the tree part, and I thank you for sharing it!!

Happy Holidays to all!!

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