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December 05, 2005



Hooray for Stephanie!


Yay :) so glad you decided to go through with it.

Liz Krengel

Let me know if you have special needs ears, I can make what you need and to your length specs!! L.


Very cool! I got mine pierced for my 8th birthday while on a trip to visit family in Canada. It's such a special moment. Does your pediatrician do it? I know ours does.


my daughter got hers pierced 2 weeks ago for her 8th birthday. Now all I hear is "When can I change my Earrings"
You have to get her the book Earrings by Judith Viorst - it sounds just like Stephanie!


My daughter (now 24) got her ears pierced for her 7th birthday. I still remember how her face turned completely white (I had heard that expression before but never witnessed it) with the first pierce but she didn't cry. The technician then told me they often use two techs and do both ears at the same time and I wondered why she waited to tell me that. But Deb sucked it up and got the other ear done and was quite pleased with herself.


I am very happy that I had Deborah's ears pierced by her doctor. It cost more but it was very worth it. I have heard of some kids that have had trouble at those places in the mall--and some that have been fine. Maybe you want to consider it.

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