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December 16, 2005



RSS and podcasts are great, but they won't be able to replace the pre-parenting era of quietly enjoying Sunday breakfast while listening to Will and Liane. Let me know if they come up with a technology that recreates that.


My neighbors have solved that problem with a pricey device called the "au pair."


Alison & I do the same thing! Oh - this puzzle is SO easy! Yeah, until you're on a tinny phone connection with Will and Liane, under pressure and cursing Will for some lousy pun that sank you on the Friday Times crossword puzzle.

"Take the name of a state, invert it from the middle letter, replace the second and penultimate letters with a 'schwa' sound and come up with a Azerbaijani slang term for a carburetor"

It's on tip of my tongue! Riiiiiight. But I'll keep coming back!


I am jealous of all the tech stuff I can not afford. Some day I will be able to listen to the book reviews and all the other fun stuff while on lunch.

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