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December 20, 2005



So not only am I addicted, (and all of our family, obviously) but it's now an obsession with people in my school and at Prozdor. It's taking over the world and I loooove it :)


Wha ...? You blame me for your addiction? Girl, I did you a favor! You didn't have enough to do as a mom of 3!


It's true -- there was that one part of my brain that was rusting over from lack of use...! ;-)


Aside from the fact that numbers aren't my friends, I've often thought I'd get totally addicted as well. Which is why I've resisted thus far.


Go ahead, just try one. You don't have to keep doing it. You can stop anytime you want. Go ahead, just see whether you like it. ;-)

All kidding aside, you don't have to be a numbers person for sudoku. It's very much a logic puzzle. There's really no math involved. I've even seen them for kids with little symbols (like star, heart, triangle) instead of numbers.

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