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December 14, 2005



What are you using to track these?


I'm now a Verbatim regular. But in my defense, "I *hate* Michael Chirarello" is what led me to Karen. If I had it to guess, I would say Michael is *metrosexual*. Uptight, conservative (redundant?) Bobby Flay on the other hand...


You know I can't for the life of me remember when I started coming here or for what reason, but I'm a dedicated regular, that's for sure.


Amazing! I was just channel surfing and saw Michael Chiarello prancing out of a doorway and say, "I'm having thome friendth over!" and I went to my computer and googled Michael Chiarello gay. But if you never mentioned him here to begin with, I don't understand how people were led here by googling those words.


I've mentioned him numerous times (his recipes are wonderful), but I've never addressed his sexuality. (It's of no interest to me.) I did write something mean about him once (that he seems arrogant), and he e-mailed me back saying that he was offended! I was mortified.

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