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December 17, 2005



For a grand total of about $30 a year ($10 for the name, $20 for a bunch of email addresses) you could become [email protected] or something similar. You could even hook up the rest of the crew with their own addresses. Just a thought. I long ago decided that I couldn't have my email address changing no matter who I paid for net access. (Nor did I want my web address changing based on who I pay for hosting, but that's another story.)


Grrrr....our home Verizon phone service never worked well, but sporadically - static, cutting in and out - the Verizon guys were out numerous times and could not "replicate my exact problem" so they, of course thought I was crazy and insisted our line was fine. We gave up and just dealt with it, then later we decided to get highspeed DSL and they sent us the equipment and we tried in vain to make it work - no dice. After hours on the line with customer service (HA) they decared that
there is something wrong with our line and that we'd have to have someone come out and take a look before we could hook up the DSL! YA THINK??? I nearly went through the phone line. We cancelled the land line completely that night and called Comcast. Comcast is not quite as evil as Verizon.
Oh and did I mention that when this happened, My SO worked for Verizon??? No more though.

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