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January 13, 2006



How sad of a commentary on today's society is it that they feel compelled to make parents sign a paper agreeing not to crush their children's souls over a little league game? (And my reaction was exactly the same as yours, that the people who would do that will never read the agreement in the first place.)


we sign something similar - one year we actually had to watch a video!
On a side note, how much do you pay for registration? We sign the boys up this weekend and it is $140 per child, this does include the $20 of "mandatory raffle tickets" so if we find peple to buy $20 worth of raffle tickets we will get that money back. The registration fee includes a shirt, pants, socks and hat.
This just seems very HIGH to me, but maybe I am just wishing for the good old days when playing ball cost you $20!


I paid $100 for little league and $80 for soccer. Beginning in the fall, I will insist on just soccer in the fall and just baseball in the spring (assuming he continues to like both), because this spring is going to be HECTIC!


I used to coach soccer. When parents and other players and other coaches got out of hand (and they did) I just ignored them. And I always shook everyone's hand afterward and thanked them for the game. I think the boys learned more from me about that than they did about soccer. At least I hope so. I didn't really know anything about soccer. Still don't. (But we were the winningest team in the league! Go figure.)

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