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January 05, 2006



Oh, I'm so glad it all turned out OK! How horrible to go through that. The waiting must have been hell. Big hugs and congratulations all around.


Ack, no fun at all. I'm so glad Andy's okay. There was a brief period of time when my (ex)husband was very ill and the doctors were telling us they expected to find cancer on the next test. I remember that horrible waiting limbo, and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

And now, celebrate! :)


Hugs to all of you.





go buy a unconscionably expensive bottle of wine and celebrate!!! you probably feel a few inches taller, don't you. I'm so happy for you and Andy (and the kids)!


Oh, such a relief. Seems there is so much bad news these days and it's wonderful that it doesn't always have to be that way. You really do need to celebrate. I'd recommend a nice romantic weekend away...


That's wonderful news! I'm glad that all is well.


Wonderful news for a wonderful family!


What a relief! I'm so happy for Andy and his beautiful family!


good news! my husband also has a Dad that had prostate cancer, so I am always making sure he goes and gets tested each year.
What a GREAT way to start the New Year!


Yikes. As a man clinging to the twilight of his 30s, this was a reassuring read. I second the motion for a bottle of wine!


So glad to hear that all is well. The "C" has taken my wife's sister and my brother, so knowing that Andy came up clear is a source of happiness to us both. A New Year indeed! Prost!

David Jaggard

Hi Karen -

My messages to Comcast get bounced back these days, so here's a copy of a message I sent a couple of days ago :

Just read your blog. Was it Churchill who said "there's nothing quite so exhilarating as being shot at and missed"? (I paraphrase.)

We had a happy-ending cancer story in my family last year:
My brother (two years older than me and thus 8 older than Andy) was diagnosed with a rare form of intestinal (small intestine) tumor last year -- they found it during a routine colonoscopy, which he and I get every five years because our father died of cancer that started in the colon and got to the liver before they figured it out -- and they snipped it out and he's fine and for this type of slow-growing tumor it would take him another 54 years to develop another one. Apparently. So we were (are) all quite elated about that, as you are now.

Early detection is the thing, huh? I've been encouraging everyone I know over 40 to get whatever kind of check(s) their doctor recommends early and often. Also, apparently in the US when you get a colonoscopy they give you a DVD to take home. Sound hilarious to me at first glance, but I suppose it's for malpractice insurance purposes.

For years I've been thinking about how to use in some kind of literary form the theme of how something can suddenly happen that makes you yearn with all your soul to get back to plain old everday normal banal boring life. It's interesting, huh?

Anyway, here's wishing you and yours a REALLY happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

See you,


So glad to hear that he is fine! Health scares are the things that put all the small stuff into perspective for you, aren't they?

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