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January 30, 2006


Jen Rodis

I have wanted to try cooking with schmaltz, but I don't know where to look for it in the store? Is it refrigerated, or shelf-stable like manteca?

Is it in major grocery stores, or do you have to go to a kosher store for it?


I've never purchased schmaltz, although I have a feeling that kosher markets carry it, and maybe regular markets, too -- I have no idea.

Last night I just ripped off all the hunks of fat that came on the chicken, put it in a little pot, and melted it over a low flame. Then I used that in place of the butter or olive oil I usually brush on the bird before roasting. Makes sense, doesn't it, to use the fat that the chicken came with? Don't know why I never thought of it myself.


Funnily enough, I watched that chicken schmaltz recipe at the weekend.

She's my absolute favourite tv chef, and you're right, her commentary contains so many ideas and tips, aside from whatever delicious dish she's preparing.

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