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January 11, 2006



Ugh! Cut and color - been doing it since my early 20s. When I returned from Paris this spring, I decided try a change from the guy I'd been going to since I moved here from SF. I just felt like "we" were in a rut.

Now I am happy, happy, happy with the color and getting happier with the cut done by Lauren at Judy Jetson in Cambridge. And it is less $$, which was a surprise. I don't even own a blowdryer and I rarely even use a comb or a brush so my cuts have to be low, low, low maintenance.

How often do you color? 6 weeks for me, anylonger and I need a bag over my head :)


I think there should be a rule that you can't blog about your new hair unless you're including a picture.


Scott should be more respective :-)

My wife is 42 and does not color. She has natural curl and is letting nature take it's course. Personally, I find the aging process/greying/getting dusty very sexy, so my note is...cut it to what you like, but let it go otherwise. Ain't nothin' worse than fake color and grey roots. My ex-wife used to have me do her color and, while I was told I had a knack for it, never made me feel particularly valued (go figure!).

I know, I know - it's different for men, buItI have a fascination with women and their "color differentiation" in hair, Even when i was younger I dated older women. Gray is hot!

Not that YOU"RE gray Karen! Implied, but heck!...I don't even know yez....

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