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January 03, 2006



You already know where I stand on Tuesdays, snow or not. :)

Debra Hamel

Same deal here, but I was thrilled. I was in no condition to wake up at 7:00, having stayed up too late reading. And the girls were in worse shape.


I otok the day off to have at least one day to spend wiht my wife. I was planning to take her to a halfway decent lunch, and possibly a movie or shopping. I practically had to beg for this day off because of a hectic work schedule.

Not really happy with the superintendant here in our town today, as he decided to cancel school in what was relatively normal winter weather.

Luckily, we got away for a couple of hours thanks to the grandparents, but it really wasn't the same.

Come on.

Ms SoCal

So, did it snow?


Wow - do you know how much snow we have to get in Buffalo to see that message??

Library Lady

Please send some of the snow down to Virginia. It has been gray and mild for the past three days and I either want some sunshine or a snow day, pronto!


NO -- it never snowed! Grrrrr!

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