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January 25, 2006



This is fantastic! Just up my alley.


Of course I do everything you tell me to do, so I have become a Discardian. In fact, I started doing just that at the beginning of the year when the girls returned to school. I embarrassed myself into it by writing with my fingers on my dirty car, "CLEAN THE GARAGE!"

I've had to park my car outside for 7 months because we emptied the girls' bedroom and playroom so we could paint, redecorate, and rearrange. I'm thinking the girls haven't asked for any of that stuff, so at least half of it shouldn't come back into the house.

Chipping away little bits at a time...


I am in full-on Discardian mode too! The older I get, the less complicated I want things. If my wife and I ever move to a new house, we'll be travelling light. Our spoken rule if something new comes into the house (clothes, houseware, furniture) is "Something new in, something old out". Selling on ebay has become my weekend past-time. It may just preserve the status quo, but it's better than rampant clutter and accumulation.


Nice catch!


Love it. I've been a hard-core Discardian (love the name) for as long as I can remember, though you wouldn't know it too look at my home--comes from living with two Anti-Discardian pack rats. Grrrrrr.


Oooh Joel, Zero Sum is a game I can't yet play. Possibly for clothes and shoes, but not for books and kitchen gadgets!


Ooh, I need to be a Discardian. Everytime I clean up, I feel like the Tasmanian Devil is swirling behind me dumping all the little toys back out again. Maybe if I knew some "deeper Discardian-like" action was going on, I'd feel better about the ever present Toddler Clutter.

Anne Glamore

SO GLAD to hear this-- will check out the site.

Also Loved Brokeback the story and want to re-read before I see movie but lent my copy to litttle sis so I can't help you with the different(?) ending.


OK,I give up. Two days in a row the same instruction? Am I not looking at the right place? I wanna play!!! wah


um, nevermind. It's papersack and shoes day, right?

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