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January 24, 2006



Mmm. sounds good. I love a nice coq au vin! And it IS self sousing. I got stuck at work tonight until 8pm, so Alison and I had leftover shepherd's pie I made on Saturday - one of the world's great microwave reheatables. I use the Dean & DeLuca version (cookbook pg. 497) modified to be gluten-free. Now, stressed out and dreading tomorrow, I sit drinking a glass of Marietta California Old Vine Red Lot Number Thirty-Eight. Fruit forward, bold and delicious. I'll think about bed, and tomorrow, in an hour. I would kill for some coq au vin right now! :-)


I just think it's so CUTE that you got soused! It just makes me giggle.


Well, luckily I wasn't out in public, and luckily I didn't get sick too, but I don't know how cute Andy thought it was! ;-)

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