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January 12, 2006



You do lead the glamorous life, don't you! Thank goodness for the escrow account; property tax would kill us otherwise!


Nothing like that ever happens to me! Our county taxes went down, but the school board made sure to make up for that.


I don't think our taxes actually went down; I think it's more accurate to say that the mortgage company overestimated how much the taxes would go up by.


Yes, exactly. After huge property value increases, everyone feared for this year's property tax bills so our legislature put a cap on the tax increase. Instead of my property taxes going up by 10%+, they'll go up by "only" 3% so of course all the legislators are taking about the "tax cut" they voted for. Yeah, right.


Yay, Go-Gurt SnowPants!

Isn't that a show on Nickelodeon?

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