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February 27, 2006


Debra Hamel

Haven't read Empire Falls yet, but I have read Nobody's Fool and Straight Man (which is hysterically funny): Richard Russo is simply superb. The movie version of Nobody's Fool was indeed extremely good, but still not as good as the novel. This guy can write.


Not to mention that many parts of it were filmed in our little town in Maine where we summah.


You have to read his book "Straight Man". It's near the top of my list as far as good books I've read. I loved Empire Falls, but Straight Man was better in a different way. (in my opinion, of course). Oh, and very funny too.


It's on my Wish List! I'm going to force myself to wait a few months before reading another of his books, though, because I've found in the past that when I discover a new author, I tend to OD too quickly. Anne Tyler being a prime example.


Here here for Richard Russo! I'm so glad you're enjoying his writing. In my opinion, you've started with his weakest book. And I third the recommendation on Straight Man--one of my very favorite books.


We just watched the HBO mini-series this past weekend and it was excellent. I LOVED the book - Russo is fab!

PS. Phillip Seymor Hoffman is in the series

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