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February 24, 2006



I love Kerplunk! I think my brother still has our old one. We never took it apart - but that's probably why half of it was missing after 6 months. :)

The Yahtzee Game I still have is some kind of Anniversary edition, but it's at least 10 years old. It has the old-fashioned velour cup, but if you get an extra Yahtzee, there's bonus spots on the score card - you get an extra 100 points for each extra Yahtzee.

Debra Hamel

Yeah, I didn't remember the bonus chips from my youth either. And God knows we played a lot of Yahtzee. Actually, we played even more Kismet, which was Yahtzee but with dice with colored...holes (gotta be a name for them) for more exotic combinations (two pair same color, etc.). Seems like about a quarter of my childhood was spent playing Kismet, and another quarter playing aggressive Monopoly.

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