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March 23, 2006



Bravo!!!!!! I've been dying for you to finally make this! Looks fabulous. Awww, now you've made me hungry...

And speaking of Big Night, Jackie and I laid in bed in a hotel room in Columbus a couple of weeks ago and watched it. She'd never seen it. Of course she loved it - she sat up and yelled "that looks just like Luciano's retaurant! That looks like Luciano's kitchen! (she sometimes moonlights at a family friend's restaurant). I always cry at Tony Shaloub's character's explanation on the beach of his refusal to compromise. I guess I am a food nerd!


Oooo. Forgot to mention that if you want to cool the rice quicker the next time you make it, spread it out on a sheet pan and then mix in the egg and cheese with it in a bowl -then cover it (keeps the rice from drying out) and refrigerate it.


OMG! I'm not really a foodie and I'm not into spending much time in my small, dark Air Force housing kitchen, but I feel compelled to try to make this. (Though I probably never will)

That looks so good. I'm very impressed.

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