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March 04, 2006



Interesting. I freeze my over-ripe bananas but with the skin still on---is it better to peel them first?


I made this too, and thought it was really yummy.

Nice blog, I will check back often, because I read Cooks Talk too!


I just made this recipe today and did a google search to try to find it printed somewhere on-line to e-mail to my sister who loves bananas! (I could not find it on the Fine Cooking website) It is sooo delicious - I love the way the sugar makes the edges of the cake crunchy but the inside is still super-moist. Thank you for including it in your blog - I was able to cut/paste and share it! Happy cooking! :)


The recipe comes from Abby Dodge's book, "The Weekend Baker." Thanks for reminding me that I haven't made it in a while!

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