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March 15, 2006



That's why I finally switched over. I much prefer the Mac, but there were just too many issues. (and my whole school district went PC)


Weird. I'm curious to know whether you were viewing the PDF file in Acrobat Reader or in Preview or what. I'm also curious to know how it was created. PDF is explicitly designed to be used on the platform-independent internet, hence the "p" for "portable."

Anyway, I don't know that there are fewer issues on the Windows side. It's just that when it happens to you on your Mac you're always asking yourself "maybe it's because I'm using a Mac..." And people will suggest this to you, too. When you have a problem the first suspicion is that it's because you use One Of Those.

Me, I'll take the issues that come with being a Mac user. I'd rather have a machine that was built for people who like computers by people with heart, passion and taste, than one that was built by committee of bean-counters for the purpose of tickling the fancy of corporate IT buyers.

Not that I feel strongly about it or anything. :)


No kidding, Margaret -- I thought ALL school systems were Mac. (Ours sure is.) This is my first incompatibility issue and I'll NEVER switch over! NEVER! NEVER! (ad infinitum...)


It was Adobe, and the check-boxes were definitely in the originals. But that's not the issue. The PDFs were Japanese documents; the Word documents were transcriptions; I had to compare the two to check formatting and such. When I opened up the documents on the PC, the little check-boxes were there; on the Mac I had underscores or sometimes "less-than-or-equal-to" signs. This was clearly a case of the Mac being the issue, sigh.

BUT...I don't get viruses, I don't have crashing hard drives, none of that. I love my Mac, and I think I feel as strongly about it as you! That's probably why this incident bummed me out. I could just imagine my client berating himself, "I should have made sure she didn't use a MAC, for heaven's sake...."

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