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March 22, 2006



I cringe when one blows, just thinking about having to replace it. Not only screwing it in, also having to drag the chair into the room where it has to be changed. Great idea with the usp port. I just hope it gets invented in our life time.

Don Nunn

It’s the fluorescent tubes that scare me, mainly because in my Kmart days in the early 1990s, I was involved in a Fluorescent Storm when a stack of dead tubes in the fan room blew over as I stepped into the room. The huge fans immediately created a maelstrom of fine glass dust and the powder that had coated the tubes.

To this day I *hate* the silly tubes. I was so happy when I saw my townhouse has just one fluorescent fixture, and it’s in part of the garage where I never need overhead lights.

Loren Deck

Two words: Quantum Dots.

That's all you get, two words, since I abandoned my physics major.


This is so true! I laughed out loud, but I was vigorously nodding my head at the same time. (I have to wonder if there's a powerful light bulb lobby...)


LOL!! I tried to remove my front porch light bulb when painting the ceiling and it got stuck sideways on its way out. I just gave up trying to remove it, and put the globe back on -I still haven't fixed the problem. I hate my up and downstairs hallway lights even more. The ceilings are really high and the globes are really pretty (read delicate) and a PITA to get off. And I'm not looking forward to the day the switches go - they're the old push-button type, which (to me, at least) are aesthetically pleasing, but i'm afraid if one of them shorts out, the house will burn down. Ain't it fun to worry about stuff...constantly?

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