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March 18, 2006



A soap suds stickle back navy
A scrubbing brush landing craft


Black Coffee In Bed and Tempted are a couple of my all-time favorite songs. Something we agree on!


Update: I just bought both singles. And thanks for the freebie Elvis one!

middle-aged man

wow, scary stuff. good thing the bouncer was there to scoop you out of there!

another big squeeze fan here. the glenn tilbrook dvd has been on my queue for a while. it's been on short/long wait status the whole time. harumph.


That's why my kids will never be allowed to go to concerts. ;-)

I finally moved that DVD to the top of my queue and left it there.


Another Squeeze fan present! I've seen them in concert a couple of times, too, but luckily nothing as dramatic happened to me. I didn't even know about the DVD, though, so I suppose all my cred just flew out the window. And now I have "Take Me, I'm Yours" in my head!


And you know who does the great faux baritone on Tempted?

Oh, yeah, Elvis.


Elvis also does the "no milk and sugar" at the end of "Black Coffee in Bed." Sigh.


sounds like a fun documentary. I'll go check if Netflix has it (since that's all we tend to use these days). And man, that's just insane about the squeezing at Squeeze.

You, as much of a fan as I am (and I don't know all the words, that skill goes to my Police & Depeche Mode - even then, I can't and won't guarantee that even half my lyrics are correct) and as many concerts as I'd been to in my young adult days (and there were many indeed), I don't think I ever saw Squeeze live until just last year. Odd, come to think about it.

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