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April 07, 2006



"Honest, smart, compassionate."

George W. Bush fan, then, eh? ;)

"Jacques Pépin, by a long shot. He's the real deal."

I liked him too, but he was always a bit humorless for my tastes. I'll take Alton Brown. Or Rachael Ray.


Humorless, really? I think Pépin's delightful. You ought to read his autobiography. He's quite a guy.

Alton Brown and Rachael Ray aren't "real chefs," although I can see their appeal. The "real chefs" seem to gravitate to PBS; the "celebrity chefs" to the Food Network -- although there are notable exceptions (Mario Batali, Tyler Florence, etc.).


I like Alton because he's such a nerd. if I had a cooking show it would be like that. Rachael is another matter. Real chef or not, her cooking style is so unpretentious. Plus she's hot. (Though she looked better when she wasn't quite so thin.)

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