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April 17, 2006



First your odd mustard aversion and now this! Any other bizarre quirks you need to come clean with??


I had to google it - I'd never heard of cilantro.
But, as it turns out, I hate *coriander* too. Had a takeaway tonight and it took me ages to pick it off the top of my sundori masala. Yuck!


Ohmygod do I HATE cilantro!

I developed an aversion when I was cooking at a kosher/vegetarian restaurant when I was in college. It would come in bulk and have to be stemmmed, cleaned and chopped. The smell does not come off, and it curves my spine to this day. I have to pull apart fresh Thai spring rolls to rid them of the cursed stuff before I can eat them.

Huzzah to you AND to ihatecilantro.com!


Susan Barr

Well, I gotta disagree with all of you! You're nuts, pure and simple. There's a steamed dim sum item - I wish I could remember its name - a white noodle enclosing chopped shrimp and cilantro, and it's the BEST tasting thing you could ever imagine. Cilantro is also good, in moderation, sprinkled over a potent chili.


I don't mind it in small quantities, but my husband would definitely join the anti-cilantro club.


I just tell myself that you're more to be pitied than scorned.
signed Cilantro Afficionada


Oh well - more cilantro for ME!

Library Lady

I'm with you on this--though I DO like coriander.....


My mom hates cilantro too. With a passion. I don't have strong feelings one way or the other.


When I first tried cilantro, it tasted like soap. I found out later that the soapiness is worse if growers use chemical pesticides - not so bad if you get it organic. At any rate, in San Antonio, it's a basic food group, so I just ate it till I loved it - I really miss it when we're abroad (Germany...Indiana...)


I hate the stuff too...tastes like I'm eating a weed.


Revolting stuff - I have always hated cilanto. I'd rather eat soap.


Someone has said that certain people have a genetic predisposition to detecting a soapy taste in cilantro. That's me all the way!


Nothing's better in fresh salsa or sprinkled over tacos al pastor than some fresh cilantro. I love it!


Sign me up for the loony lefties who have become absolutely UNHINGED by their irrational hatred of cilantro.

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