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April 18, 2006



How to tell you're a Verbatim junkie: you find 239 items resulting from Karen's Chuck search - and you look at ALL of them.

Wow. The last time I wore Chucks, I believe there were four: lo and hi-top, each in black or white.

I am entirely stumped and anxious to know which you chose!


Hint 1: I had red hi-tops in college.
Hint 2: I did not buy new red hi-tops today.


How my soul cries out for a retro pair of Vans! Checkerboard, please. But how my wallet cries out not to be dinged $45 plus shipping! What to do...


It's free shipping from Zappos! That settles that.


Geez, now I know why I don't own a pair. Expensive suckers. Here's my picks:

The low-top pink/maroon camo ones (#7135456) and the kinda boho-stitched looking ones in blue (#7204630).

Now tell us which ones you got! :)


I have red, black and white hi-tops but I don't wear them much anymore; my feet changed sizes when I was pregnant and never went back! I do love them, though.

The price has certainly changed along with the selection. The first pair I ever bought was less than $20.

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