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April 08, 2006



I think you may have stumbled onto one of the minor differences between US and UK pressings of their tunes. BTW, you've got great musical tastes!!


I was a HUGE Squeeze fan in my teens and through college. And even after. And I always thought Glen Tilbrook had THE GREATEST pop voice of all time--barr none. Forget McCartney, forget Neil Finn, forget whoever. Tilbrook's voice was PERFECT.

But I always guessed that Difford was probably the heart and soul of the band, since he did most of the writing.

You know, kind of like Joe Strummer WAS the Clash, though Mick Jones had the better voice.

I saw that Glen Tilbrook documentary in your Netflix thing and just had to see it. And it was GREAT! I just loved the guy! He was terrific. And, even though I always thought he played well, I was blown away by just how good a musician he is.

And, yeah, even on the American vinyl, his wife went to Jersey. But I think that's the island. Not the state.

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