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April 21, 2006



If prospective employers don't explicitly ask for Word, I like to send my resume in PDF format. No viruses and no Word version incompatibilities that way. PDF ensures that it's going to look and print the same way for them as it does for me. I like that. I'm probably the last person on earth anyone should take advice from on content, however.

Bonus tip: you can make a PDF out of anything you can print in OS X. Just go to "Print" in the File menu and look for the PDF option. (Its location varies by OS X version.)


Two tips...

1. Lots of white space - don't overwhelm with loads of detail

2. Don't feel tied to a chronological format, especially if your most relevant experience was several jobs ago. Choose the top 4 or 5 skills that the new job requires and support those with examples from your work history.

Have fun!

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