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May 30, 2006


Susan Barr

You see? It's haunting you already. You might as well do penance and make yourself feel better.

Debra Hamel

Oh, man, I did *exactly* the same thing a couple years ago. Got back home from a Chinese restaurant with take-out, couldn't find one of the chicken dishes. I called them up and they gave me a hard time on the phone, insisting they'd put it in the bag, which really annoyed me. They should have been apologizing! Finally they said they'd make another dish. Got the girls back in the car, drove there and picked up the chicken, all the while ranting about their horrible behavior. Then I got home and sat down, still ranting, and...what's that on the counter?

So, I really really really didn't want to go back there. But.... I got the girls back in the car again, went there, and happily the guy I'd talked to on the phone wasn't there. I handed a confused girl working there some money for the second chicken dish and took off. And I've never gone back. I simply can't. So, as Rebecca said, they lose your business because they got it wrong, and they lose your business cause they didn't. Which is just about right.

It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Elaine is blacklisted from the Chinese (?) restaurant that thereafter refuses to deliver to her.


LOL!!!!! It all balances out in the end, y'know? The exact thing happened here with the Mexican restaurant attached to the hotel i'm at. Jackie and I went and picked up our order, walked back, and discovered we didn't receive the vegetarian burritos we'd ordered. She got on the phone and pitched one - we've had too many food orders where we were denied the food we paid for, or were given something totally different, and didn't discover it until we were too far away to drive back. So... we drag ourselves back over there (and it's a long walk - the front desk recommends you drive there - there's lots of stairs and long hallways). We pick up the food, trudge back, and the minute we walk in the door..."What's that?". OH. The missing burritos were sitting on the desk for the entire universe to see. They were the first things out of the bag. Not only are we getting old and senile, but apparently our vision is shot as well!

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