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May 04, 2006



I don't mind going to the doctor if I have lost my 5 pounds of winter flab. If not, I dread it because he WILL say something to me. And I won't like it. (since I am not overweight, but he would prefer me to stay at 115 pounds for the rest of my life)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting my teeth cleaned. I loved it even more as a child when I didn't have any actual dental problems. But, I still love it. I'd go every day if they let me.


I gained 20 or 30 pounds between doctor visits, and the man didn't say a word to me. Your scolding doctors are so impressive.


Leah, I used to be jealous of Bob Newhart's character, when he was always getting his teeth cleaned by Jerry the orthodontist down the hall!


You need a new doctor, Liora. Maybe ask around among your friends?


You people are crazy - liking getting your teeth cleaned and messed with!? I'd rather swallow broken glass than go to the dentist!


I don't mind the actual face time with the doctor, but the bigger picture is what annoys me. I usually have to take a half a day off work just to make it happen. Then there's all the disrespectful waiting I'm made to endure. Plus the impersonal staff who look right through me. The fifteen minutes I might get with the doctor is the most palatable -but briefest - part of the whole ordeal. Taken as a whole, I hate it. Which is why I only go when I am sick.

I don't particularly like having my teeth cleaned, but I do admit that I feel wonderful after.


You need a new doctor, too, Scott. Surely you can find a good doctor with a decent support staff. If you go only when you're sick, you're missing out on all kinds of preventive care. It's important to establish a baseline of what's "normal" for you so that you'll know whether something's wrong later on -- and, believe me, when you hit 40, EVERYTHING starts going wrong.


I LOVE going to the doctors too. My G.P., OB/GYN and Neurologist are like friends. I love them and so far nothing horrible has happened to me. So whatever they're doing, it works!

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