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May 22, 2006



Just today I was commenting on a pair of these I saw strolling by under a student. What I liked best was the bright orange color. I have thing for brightly colored shoes. I don't know why. Nothing says "I like myself right to the foundation" than brightly colored shoes.


I have bright blue ones. Boys are even starting to wear them in my neck of the woods (Southern Saskatchewan)...


I had been seeking something for months to replace my beloved Birks Professional clogs for the summer in the kitchen. They are the most comfortable shoes, however each one weighs about 3 pounds and they are mighty warm.
I finally bought hot pink, lime green and red crocs, vented of course.
They are hands down THE most comfortable shoe EVER. I do wish the arch were a bit higher for me, but perfection is hard to find. I must get stopped at least twice a day by people commenting on my shoes or giving me the high five as they too have seen the Croc light.
When I took the Pooper to the vet last week, the technician came in and her very first comment was about my shoes. She also told me that they make Croc jewelry. Hmmmm. What do you know, they do.


Cool -- you plug the little vents with 'em!

Doesn't Mario Batali wear the orange ones? I bet nurses are digging them too, and anyone else who's on their feet all day.


Ha! I just saw my first pair at Target last night. They're probably knock-offs of the brand you like. They're ultra-light and comfortable, all right. But Target only had neon colors - no way!


My aunt loves these and I see them on all kinds of people around here (Kansas/Kansas City), young and old. It makes me giggle a little, though, to remember the last rubber footwear that was this popular: Jellies. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jelly_shoes. I had a pair in second grade that I just *adored*! They were pink with a sparkly substance mixed in, and I cried when my dad made me throw them away because they started to come apart. But they were THE fashion item of the early to mid '80s. Good times.


Cool! Keiran has been asking for these ever since her camp counselor wore them last summer - didn't know they had a name, or where to buy them because I'd never seen them at the time, or since. Her counselor had obnoxious looking bright orange ones. I have since found the 'croc' website to order from - along with the jewelry website - so she will be set for the summer. I showed her this morning and she's so excited!

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