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May 14, 2006


Susan Barr

I've read enough about your Andy to think what a nice fellow he must be, so I did a little inquiry at "search this blog" on your page and typed in "Andy" (hoping for a picture). I found three verbatim references to Andy and a picture of Andy Milonakis...


Here's our most recent family photo:
And, yes, he's indeed a nice fellow! :-)


The guy in Parrots wasn't homeless...we saw the parrots on Saturday - they nest this time of year in the huge old palms in Fort Mason. They are so beautiful. I miss SF, I didn't want to leave.


No, you're right, not homeless in the true sense, but he was just staying in that couple's cottage and had no means of support. He had been homeless until they let him stay there, and I sense he would have become homeless again if he hadn't hooked up with the filmmaker!


What does one do when people are murdered in cold blood as at Munich ? I detest violence and killing, but if someone killed my family I would hunt them until justice was served!

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