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May 28, 2006



I noticed the same phenomenon at my 20th (didn't go to the 25th), the women looked great and the guys didn't. My theory was that the women work harder at it.


I went to my 30th last year and noticed the same thing. (Which was what I'd also noticed at my 20th!) I think Janeen's right -- the women work harder at it. Some of the men looked like they'd never lifted a pinky in the effort over those entire 30 years!


One thing that helps women and hurts men IMMENSELY is the hair. Men who go bald or very gray just look older.


Even though I'm a guy, I heartily agree. A lot of the gals really came into their own as they got older while the guys just got heavy or lost their hair or both. Thank heavens I still have my hair.

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