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May 17, 2006



Petrified redwoods? Those things are like 1000 feet tall, what are they afraid of?


Vancouver Quadra

Vancouver Quadra is a federal electoral district in British Columbia, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons since 1949.

Within the boundaries of this riding are the University of British Columbia and the western portions of the affluent West Side of Vancouver.

Voters within Quadra have tended to elect centrist candiates, which is an exception to the province as a whole where politics has tended to be more polarized.

When I do this, I get more Canada articles than anything else.


Yeah cool. A few years ago I got to go with hubby on a job. The site was a remote closed area of an army base. Where I found really unusual rocks. Asking the man in charge if it would be ok for me to keep a few. He said yes and informed me, those are not just rocks. They are peices of petrified trees. Wow to my amazement, I was even more happy to have them.

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