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June 15, 2006



I have just given up. Seriously.


Keep sending with umbrellas. If the sun comes out tell them to keep using the umbrellas!


"Lloviendo a cantarros" comes to mind. (It's raining jugs of water) I'm just glad the rain seems to have drowned all the gypsy catarpillars. I hate them.


You'll be happy to know, or not :-), that you are not the only one experiencing this horrible weather. The Pacific Northwest known for its rain is definitely wetter and colder than normal for this time of year. Far wetter! DH and I figured weather hasn't been this bad since 1994 - okay that makes us sound really old doesn't it? ...I've been known in last few weeks to leave for work wearing my new summer outfits only to freeze for a few hours and then come home and change at lunch.....or leave wearing full winter regalia including boots(!) and looking like a complete fool by mid-afternoon as sun has surprised us by making an extended and unexpected appearance. In fact my 9-year-old asked me today to wear my winter clothes because if i did she felt she would be guaranteed that the afternoon outdoor field trip would be fine. I did... and she was right! What kills me is the outdoor evening swim classes - kids are fine, not cold at all, and again, i have like 5 layers on and can't wait for class to be over so I can go home and turn on the fireplace!

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