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June 18, 2006


Susan Barr

I suppose, but...what else do they do?


I make my own cards on the computer, so I am not at the mercy of the card companies. When I see how much cards cost these days, I freak out!


You should see the one my kiddos got me. It's all decked out like a VHS tape sleeve touting the virtues of dad's adventures in Indiana Jones style. (One bit does say the film earned five remotes, which I guess is equivalent to two thumbs-up or something.) Very clever. They know me so well.


YES! Also, your line should banish the color brown - brown leaves on stately brown trees with rolling brown wheat fields beneath ... brown country lanes lined with split rail fences ... eccch. I don't know what Hallmark is thinking.


And Karen, you seem like a nice lady; you may want to avoid the philosophy behind this sardonic collection:



I'm intrigued. What, in the opinion of women, would good greeting cards for men look like?


I don't mind the humorous ones, I just mind the stereotypes of the farting, channel-surfing, golfing idiot that Hallmark seems to think is the norm. And the sentimental ones shouldn't all look like every guy goes to a rod 'n gun club every Saturday. Just normal stuff, I guess!

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