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June 17, 2006



Rain Dance by the Guess Who
Who'll Stop the Rain by CCR
Rain by the Beatles
Rainy Days and Mondays by (I think) the Carpenters
The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down by Winnie the Pooh


Over the Rainbow by Iz Kamakawiwo'ole


I just did a search of "rain" on my iTunes -- and then deleted all the "train" songs! ;-)


I'm not sure why you minded the rain this evening. I think it started around 8 pm after a lovely, warm day. As far as I'm concerned , I love an evening rain because it doesn't affect my plans for the day AND my garden and lawn get watered so I don't have to go out and do it myself. I thought the rain was a nice ending to a pleasant day.


I am just SO SICK of the rain this spring! And we know many people with flooded basements that will NEVER get dry (or so it seems...).


I Love A Rainy Night (Eddie Rabbit). Or is "love" going too far?


After Rain
P.K. Page

The snails have made a garden of green lace:
broderie anglaise from the cabbages,
chantilly from the choux-fleurs, tiny veils-
I see already that I lift the blind
upon a woman's wardrobe of the mind.

Such female whimsy floats about me like
a kind of tulle, a flimsy mesh,
while feet in gumboots pace the rectangles-
garden abstracted, geometry awash-
an unknown theorem argued in green ink,
dropped in the bath.
Euclid in glorious chlorophyll, half drunk.

I none too sober slipping in the mud
where rigged with guys of rain
the clothes-reel gauche
as the rangy skeleton of some
gaunt delicate spidery mute
is pitched as if
while hung from one thin rib
a silver web-
its infant, skeletal, diminutive,
now sagged with sequins, pulled ellipsoid,

I suffer shame in all these images.

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