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June 11, 2006



TV is horrible; I don't watch it much at all. I usually just pick up a book.


I completely gave up YEARS ago on the horrible-Hollywood-reditions-of-Maine-accents-thing.Maybe because I grew up in Portland and I don't have an accent nor do many people I grew up with.

I did like Empire Falls though, maybe because of the cast - the book was better, of course.

Debra Hamel

I haven't yet read or seen Empire Falls, but I have Nobody's Fool. That book was great and I was also impressed by the movie, to my surprise.


I just read Empire Falls a few weeks ago and loved it, and then I ordered the DVD, which I haven't watched yet. I figured with that cast it had to be really good -- I'm disappointed to hear that you were disappointed! (Yeah, the New England accent is hard to get right).

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