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June 29, 2006


Susan Barr

Yes, intelligence is often accompanied by a certain scent of "Zany"! I like it myself.


But everyone's brand of "zany" varies from everyone else's -- so WE'RE always sane and THEY'RE always nuts!


I don't share this particular neurosis but I understand it. I (gasp!) not only will read my New Yorkers out of sequence but will look at the back page first (love the cartoon caption contest).


Your cooties were going to get on her and her children! Blech, people are really annoying me nowadays.

I love how my Mac Powerbook G4 auto-fills. Less impressed how some keys are super sensitive, and others are always petulant and then I have to go back and spell check on my posts. I always have to check my "I" - it's always in lower case!

And i'm somewhere else! Travelman!!

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