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June 22, 2006



What a nice system (when it works)! My kid's school never has its act together that early. Placement sheets are posted in the window of the principal's office a few days before school starts. No letter or anything.

On the plus side, the school is so small, the kids get acquainted with most of the next grade teachers over the course of a year anyway.


It is hard not to know! I think that some schools don't want to give out the placements because too many parents complain or want switches to a "better" teacher's class. I have had those not-so-great placements, but they have managed to work out. My kids are now more flexible and accepting because of it.


In the past the placement letter has stated, in no uncertain terms, that all placements are FINAL. And by then there's no one in the school office to complain to anyhow! Stephanie's lousy placement this past year was not a good thing. I don't want a repeat of that!


We sent out our class lists today - and there's still a month of school left before the summer break for most schools in the UK!

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