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June 12, 2006



Speaking of the inscrutable ways in which the McSweeney's editorial staff works, did you see today's "Elements of Subway Announcement Style"? Nice premise, but it's really the exact same joke over and over. (Note to ther readers:) As Karen knows I have also had lists rejected by McSweeney's, which is generally and excellent satire site, once with the editor's comment that my list was "basically variations on the same joke". Which by the way is the DEFINITION of a list. And this is significantly different from the exact same joke over and over. However, I cannot be bitter because they do indeed accept unsolicited material and print it.


Woops - hit "post" instead of "preview".

For "ther" read "other".
For 'and excellent" read "an excellent".
The commenter regrets the errors.

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