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June 28, 2006



One of my all-time favorite movies, from my favorite director.


Man, I loved this movie. Thanks for reminding me about it.


I loved it too, although I think I preferred "Diner." Between Levinson and Anne Tyler and "Homicide," I feel I know Baltimore a little bit -- even though I've never been there!


Finally...I'm catching up...

The Algebra of Ice

The Algebra of Ice
Series Past Doctor Adventures
Release number 68
Featuring Seventh Doctor
Writer Lloyd Rose
Publisher BBC Books
ISBN ISBN 056348621X
Set between Before Timewyrm: Revelation
No. of pages 256
Release date September 2004
Preceded by Synthespians™
Followed by The Indestructible Man
The Algebra of Ice is a BBC Books original novel written by Lloyd Rose and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

Like all spin-off media, its canonicity in relation to the television series is unclear.

The story makes reference to the Riemann hypothesis, featuring a sequence set in a 'world' modelled on the Riemann zeta function.

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