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July 20, 2006


Susan Barr

Oh, my lord!! Sister!!! I thought I was the only one in the world who was so obsessive-compulsive. I don't know how you can bear to just write off that penny though...


No, no, no, that's just not going to fly. I predict you'll revisit that checkbook every day until you settle it HONESTLY.

My brother allows himself one-dollar of wiggle-room. A whole dollar! Gah!

(Are you like me and use Quicken, or is that cheating?)


I so want to hire you right now! I'm about 15 years behind this exact task.


I used to be this way, and I even used to enjoy balancing my checkbook. My mom was always anal about it and so I took it to heart when I became an adult. Then one day a few years ago my mom admitted that she no longer balanced her checkbook. I was so shocked! So...I quit doing it, too. It's so easy to keep track of my balance online -- which is pretty current since I mostly use my debit card -- so I just don't have the need (or compulsion) anymore.

I used to do accounting for an engineering firm and I was VERY anal about balancing the company's checkbook. Once I was stymied with being off by ONE PENNY and I wasted an entire day trying to find the error. Finally my boss (an engineer) said, "Just tape a damned penny to the check register and call it good for chrissake!"


Karen, your life is careening out of control. Someone needs to set up an intervention with you before it's too late.


That made me laugh. THanks! Have a great weekend.

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