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August 12, 2006


Anne Glamore

That's really rash! I don't know if I could do that because 1) You'll be confused when you read the letters to the editor and 2) You'll be out of sync on the cartoon contest.

Maybe that was one of the weeks when the issues were combined and you really didn't miss anything? (hopefully)


Don't think I didn't take those two points into serious consideration before making my decision! I still arrive at this: I just can't go another day without reading the New Yorker. And, no, I triple-checked the June 5 issue and the June 19 issue, but alas, neither is a combined issue.


Dear Andy:

I know you are as disturbed as anyone's at Karen's recent spate of irrational behavior. Undoubtedly you have wondered what to do about it. Perhaps you've even thought of having her committed - temporarily, of course - to a reputable psychiatric hospital. I just want you to know that for what it's worth I will stand behind whatever decision you make.


PS. I'm sure they'll let the kids visit her on weekends.



Dear Scott,
Thank you for your concern. As you can imagine, we are all holding our breath hoping this storm passes. Wish us luck.
P.S. I thought I saw her eyeing the label on the pillow yesterday. Good God, what's next!?


I wasn't going to rip off that tag, I swear!


I was going to offer to send you my copy, but it looks like I recycled it already.


This made me laugh and laugh. I checked a mystery out of the library last week and when I got it home, realized that it was third in a series. I returned it unread until I could read the first two.

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