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August 28, 2006



Not to be a hypocrite, but the phrase "throw up in my mouth a little" makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little! :-)

Seriously, whoever thought up that phrase is a bad person. It's so gross! I think I first heard it in the commercials for the movie Dodgeball. That sentence was enough to make me not want to see the movie!


Gross phrase indeed. Gross excessive burger, too!

"Dodgeball" was really dumb but really funny in some parts.


I can't eat Burger King. It makes me ill every time, and it took me a few times to realize this. Wendy's and Arby's I can tolerate - plus their fries are of a more substantial cut - not those skinny shoe strings. There's all kinds of fast food down here in Louisville I haven't seen in years. Big Boy, White Castle...Hey! The Kroger here sells PG Tips, and you'd better believe I bought me a couple of boxes! I can't find it in Cleveland.


Yeah, those huge burgers they're trying to sell now seem pretty disgusting. A&W has a new one out too with two patties and chili. I think I gained a pound and got horrible indigestion just watching the ad. That much food is just gross.


"The giant poster featuring a quadruple-decker bacon cheeseburger made me throw up a little in my mouth."

There's a word for that: Enid!


I sure am in fast food "heaven" down here in southwest Missouri. Ewww. Stuff we don't have up our way - Sonic, Long John Silver, Hardees.

Thank goodness for Panera (which, BTW started as St Louis Bread Company in St. Louis)...their salads are okay and the black bean soup is good.

I am SO not a fast food person.

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