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August 01, 2006


Susan Barr

Oh, I'm so sorry you're having this misery, Karen! Tomorrow should be a better day.


If it's any consolation, I can't wear contacts and have come to love my glasses. In fact, I see better with glasses than I ever did with contacts (which pleases the perfectionist within.) Just think, an excuse to buy a new accessory. My regular glasses tranistion lenses should I have to wear them outdoors. However, I also have a snazzy pair of prescription sunglasses with a little bling on the sides.


Yeah, I relate to Leah, except I can't say I LOVE my glasses. I wore contacts forever, but my eyes became too dry for them, and also I started having the issue of not being able to see up-close with them (reading, computer, etc.) So I wear the transition glasses with bifocals, but I HATE the bifocal. I take my glasses off when I'm reading or on the computer -- I actually see better without them. I'd love to have Lasik surgery, but the up-close issue makes me nervous. I don't think they can correct that yet. Maybe I should check it out -- new technology happens at a fast pace.

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