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August 02, 2006



Glad things seem to be going OK so far.


I could have hppily gone through life without ever reading, "dark irises are denser to bore through," but no.

And me with my dark brown eyes.


At least I didn't mention the part about fluid gushing out after he'd made the hole. Oops.


If that's the way you like to spend Wednesdays, I have some bad news Karen, you are all out of eyes. I'm glad it went well!

Susan Barr

I'm glad you're through it! Is that true about the 'fluid gushing'? Poor Karen!


OK! It does make me a bit squeamish (especially after reading your unfortunate comment above...the gushing thing...), but if I'm ever to seriously consider having Lasik surgery, I guess I need to buck up.


I don't know anything about Lasik. It may be more painful and take longer OR the exact opposite.

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