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August 03, 2006


Susan Barr

That's the problem with 'evil' - the worst of it can come hidden in an attractive package. (My comment is based on your 'off' link.)


Jesus was himself a Jew, and the Jews are, in fact, His people. Jesus was not anti-semetic...he loved the Jews (as he does everybody). Therefore, anybody who SINCERELY claims to follow Jesus cannot be anti-semetic. If he/she was, they could NOT be a follower Jesus (who, again, was Jewish). Mel Gibson is not anti-semetic simply because he re-counted the FACTS of Jesus's death. Someone who would re-count the FACTS of what happened during World War 2 would not necessarily be anti-semetic. They are merely recounting facts.

Please, also, before you accuse people, do your research. If you read your Bible, you will see that, other than a very few liberties (i.e., the devil wandering around physically, Judas being taunted by demon children), Mel Gibson was actually very accurate in his recount of Jesus's crucifixion.

Please keep in mind, the Jews ARE the people who physically killed Jesus. However, Jesus died for the sins of ALL men. So, ultimately, we are all responsible for Jesus's death.

Also, please note that there are many Jews that are Christians. The disciple Peter was a Jew (as well as all the other disciples), and Mel Gibson has not, to my knowledge, displayed any disgust for the disciples of Jesus. In fact, catholics hold them in VERY high regard.

Thanks for your time!


Susan Barr

Mandy, I have a Bible because I'm Christian, but don't you think it's a little rude to expect everyone to have a Bible?

As for Mel Gibson's behavior, I don't need to read my Bible to know that he's an anti-SemIte. His movie incited anti-Semitism and his own comments, recorded at the time of his recent arrest, prove it.


I would think that there are not MANY Jews that are Christian, although I'm sure that there are some. I think Mel is hands down one of the most obvious bigots around, and I've thought so for years.


There's fact, and then there is presentation of fact. For instance, Gibson made a point to portray the Jews in his movie as ugly, blood-thirsty, evil-looking "monsters." In fact, he committed a huge anachronistic gaffe by making all the Jews look like Hassidim -- and there were no Hassidim in that day. He just wanted to make them look so different and so weird that everyone would hate them.

Many, many people who claim to love Jesus also claim to hate Jews. Sad, but true. Mel Gibson is a perfect example. He's a bad guy.


Furthermore, the bible was written by people with agendas. New Testament authors very much wanted to proselytize Rome. Therefore, in their narrative about Jesus' death, they downplayed the role of Pilate and placed more blame on the Jews. The bible cannot be in anyway regarded as "the facts" of Jesus' death (or of anything else). It is a faith statement, not an empirically accurate historical document.

Anyway, it is widely thought by biblical scholars today that Pilate throwing up his hands and saying "oh, I don't know.. you Jews decide!" is patently absurd. Things were just not done that way. Yet the bible reads so because of the agenda of it's authors (who, it must be remembered, were not even present to witness these events).

Armed with this knowledge, Gibson could have a) shown the events exactly as the bible describes them, b) eased up on the Jews, knowing that they got a bad rap by biblical authors or c) he could exacerbate hatred of them by embellishing their role in Jesus' death. Mel chose option C. That, to me, flagged him as an anti-semite. His recent comments are proof-positive.

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