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August 16, 2006



Perfect timing--have you checked out Boblog (http://kirsty.typepad.com/boblog/2006/08/back.html) lately? She's got photos from two homes used as locations during the filming of P&P.


Beat me to it!

It's like The Italian Job; if you saw 'the original' first you hate the remake.

If you know anything about Regency England parts of the 2005 version will have you screaming out 'it just *wouldn't* happen that way!'.

I suppose the 1995 version doesn't do the meeting at Pemberley strictly as per the book, but in general it's far more faithful to the book than the 2005 version.

Keira is far too... toothy - and thin to be Elizabeth.

I'll stop now - I've started to rant.


I hope you like the Keira Knightly version. I was also prepared to be critical, but ended up loving it..........it's really a different interpretation, so I didn't end up comparing every little thing or every character. I loved the chemistry between the two leads.........was disappointed that "Lydia" was not as well cast as the 1995 version. I love Brenda Blethyn and Donald Sutherland in this. Overall, it was different enough for me to love it. Maybe just as much!


Oh - and Donald Sutherland's accent! Did they bother with a voice coach or just let him do his own thing?


The new P&P is enjoyable enough in its own way, but they remade it in a Bronte-esque manner and took too many liberties with the characters & their behaviors (men in the bedroom! bare feet! nightgowns on the moors! ack!). Plus, the new ending is atrocious, and two hours is much too short a time to properly motivate the main characters (why does Darcy love Lizzie again?)

Keira Knightley frightens me with that jaw-thrusting thing she does; her teeth look vicious.

I had to go and rewatch the Firth/Ehle version to cleanse my memory :-)


We love the Keira Knightly version of P&P. It's beautiful, detailed, and believable. The sequence with the Bennett family teasing Mr. Collins at the dinner table is priceless.

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