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August 17, 2006



I wear reading glasses over my lenses, too! (snark-snort geek laugh)

Susan Barr

Not to make light of it - I know you're really worried about this - but perhaps anxiety is making it even worse. Do more of whatever you do to relax; it couldn't hurt.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.


You can get some really cool rhinestone specs here: http://www.peepers.com/ . I love mine!


I just got new lenses, also am very farsighted. For years I have worn the same prescription, +375 in both eyes, my new doc said that I needed much stronger lenses and that my eyes needed a different strength. I had been wearing the dreaded reading glasses with the old lenses, but wow, now that I have the new lenses, I see wrinkles that I never knew I had (or anyone else for that matter). However, I have a hard time now with the distance. So, I am wearing the old strength for driving long distance, but am really loving the new strength for reading. I am now wearing accuvue oasis. They are awesome! I hated the old accuvue, but the Oasis lense is truly amazing. I still love my other strength, but to read without reading glasses is amazing! Good luck.

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